Installation Instructions

  • 1. The anchor should be screwed into the lake bottom in 3 to 5 feet of water so that in a storm, the boat has the freedom to move up and down with the waves and not bottom out.
  • 2. The anchor needs to be screwed into the lake bottom, making the last 6” - 12” quite difficult. If not achievable, move a few feet and try again.
  • 3. The anchor should go into the lake bottom material to the swivel so that there is a minimal amount of steel sticking up in the water. If not achievable, move a few feet and try again.
  • 4. Do not shorten the chain, as the boat pull on the anchor has to be more of a horizontal than a vertical pull. This is very important or the boat will work the anchor out of the lake bottom in a storm. The longer the chain, the better.
  • 5. The boat can be free to move with any change in the wind direction.
  • 6. Ensure that the anchor is checked daily. If any wear or fatigue on chain, snubber or fasteners is evident, replace them immediately. The ongoing maintenance of this product is the owner's responsibility.

This product is also successful in anchoring docks.

CAUTION: There is a possibility that some sharp edges may still exist on cut or drilled surfaces. Use this product at your own risk.

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