Videos And Testimonials


Anchored both my sea-doos in the water. Put the EZAnchor to the real life test.

Winds blew 25+mph at times with pounding waves. I was immediately impressed with the heavy duty construction and clever engineering. The anchors went straight into the lake bed with the extension/handle. The choice of handle position in the extension made hand placement comfortable without stress. Over the course of the windy week I checked the screw placement daily. They never budged an inch. The anchors came out as easily as they went in, even in our caliche clay lake beds.

I am absolutely pleased with my new EZAnchors!! Best water anchor ever!

Jac - New Mexico

So thank you for EZAnchor - I purchased that device with some trepidation as my side of the glacial lake I live on has sand and mostly rock - I just was not sure I could screw that all the way down - but I was successful first try. The design was perfect and the bar positions always allowed enough mechanical advantage. I am sure the screw threads are robust for just about any lake bottom. I gained confidence in its holding capacity after a couple summer storms rolled by and the 17 foot sail boat was held secure -

Thank you for creating such a fantastic anchor system.

Vince - Ontario